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Learn More About Plant Hardiness Zones

Zone 7

Planting Zone 7 reaches across approximately 15 U.S. states. This zone features cool winters with average minimum temperatures falling between 0 to 10 degrees F.

Zone 9

Long, hot summers and mild winter conditions make the heat more of an issue than the cold in this zone. Tropical plants with low water requirements thrive in Zone 9.

Zone 11

Cold hardiness is not a factor in this zone since it has zero frost days. Instead, growers here must consider the impact heat has on their planting choices.

Nut Trees Suitable for Zone 4

English walnut (Carpathian walnut)

These are large trees with attractive bark that lightens with growth.

Northern pecan (Carya illinoensis)

Northern pecan is a tall shade producer with large, tasty nuts. Although this pecan may be self-pollinating, it helps to plant another tree nearby.

King nut hickory (Carya laciniosa ‘Kingnut’)

This hickory tree is highly ornamental with textural, shaggy bark. The nuts, as the name indicates, are large.

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Curious Facts About Plants


The Wishbone Flower

Torenia, a shade-loving annual, is called the wishbone flower. Look for tiny wishbone-shape stamens inside the purple, blue or burgundy petals.


The World's Tallest Tree

The world's tallest tree is the coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), which grows along the Pacific Coast of the United States.


The Fastest-Growing Woody Plant

Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world. It can grow 35 inches in a single day.

Heroes Behind the Company

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You can also order compost, tools, and garden tools.


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